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At C&R Investments and Management we work every day to make our clients’ investments and meet their financial goals. For that reason, we want you to know our company and work with us.

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We are committed to your economic prosperity, your future, and that of your family.


We go above and beyond to preserve your capital and give it the value it deserves.


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At C&R Investments and Management we offer different ways to invest. That way, you can choose the option that best suits your case. Take a look at our services and discover which option is right for you.

Passive investments

Invest with us! You only have to contribute the capital you want and we will handle it. You will receive your earnings monthly, and every week we will be informing you about your investment.


The United States is a great country for real estate and with a vast market, at C&R, we offer this service for those who want to invest here while being anywhere in the world.

Property management

If you have a property and you do not want or cannot manage it, we will do it for you!. Leave it in our hands and you will see how we get the most out of your house, apartment, or room.

About us

We are a real estate investment company located in Miami, Florida. At C&R Investments and Management we seek to work hand in hand with our clients so that they have a return on their investment, plus their profits.

For more than a year, we have dedicated ourselves to buying and selling properties, making all kinds of real estate investments inside and outside the United States, managing and renting real estate on the Airbnb platform.

Our goal is that your real estate investment is the first step for you to achieve a favorable and comfortable financial status for the future.

Our work at Airbnb

After much preparation, courses, and studies, we realized that the rents on the Airbnb platform generated up to three times more earnings than conventional rents. That is why at C&R Investments and Management we are also dedicated to remodeling, managing, and renting properties on Airbnb.

The exponential growth and profitability of this platform motivated us to offer our apartments and houses available for rent, and the results have been incredible!



New Projects

The most recent project we have worked on is an Airbnb rental apartment for two, located in the heart of Miami, Florida, and very close to the airport, Wynwood, and South Beach. To find out about its availability, contact us!


10 years ago, Carlos García started a carpentry business in Florida, along with several partners. Like everyone else, he had to learn to build, remodel, and make flooring for the houses he worked in, which gave him a lot of knowledge and practice in the area of ​​construction.

Some time later he bought a house in poor condition, in which he lived and repaired over time. When it was finished, he decided to sell it, and with the remodeling he had done himself, he was able to earn a lot of money.

That was the moment when Carlos realized the business opportunity he could take advantage of, so he dedicated himself to studying real estate, allied himself with his wife Rashel Díaz, and together they founded C&R Investments and Management.

  • Carlos García: Real Estate Investor, Airbnb Super Host, Property Manager, Construction Specialist, and Entrepreneur. With more than 8 years of experience working in real estate, Carlos is in charge of the business, construction, investment, purchase, sale, and rental of the company’s properties.

  • Rashel Díaz: Journalist, TV Host for more than 25 years, founder of Labana Shop, lecturer, and businesswoman. Seeing the work her husband was doing and the profitability of the business, Rashel decided to join Carlos and work together.

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